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Product Care

From our studio in Brooklyn, we design and collaborate with amazing artisans around the world to preserve traditional crafts and support local communities. Handmade by skilled makers in small batches, every piece is unique – so color and shape will vary slightly. We think this is part of the beauty of handmade, and hope that you will be delighted by the uniqueness of the gift you receive. If you are not fully delighted – please get in touch with us at and see our returns policy.


If your ornament gets a little grubby, we recommend spot cleaning it with cold water. If this doesn’t work, dunk in warm water and some gentle soap. This should get out most stains. The ornaments should not be put in the washing machine. Hand-wash only, like your cashmere sweater.

For our tree skirts, we also recommend spot cleaning with warm water and soap. Every year after the holidays we also bring ours to the dry cleaners for a more robust clean.


Felted wool is a natural living material and requires some care. Insects love to eat at natural materials, especially wool. Like your fine cashmere sweaters, we recommend that when not in use, you store your ornaments in a closed zip-lock bag with a little sachet of Lavender. Lavender is a natural insect and moth repellent and should keep your ornaments safe and fresh. We recommend the organic lavender from Sage Creations Organic Farm in Palisade, Colorado. In our Brooklyn office we only use natural products to store our ornaments – combining our organic lavender sourced from Sage Creations Organic Farm in Palisade, Colorado with cedar chips and cedar balls.




We use textiles woven with a blend of linen and cotton as a base for some of our beautifully hand embroidered Stockings, Tree Skirts, Napkins and Table Runners. After seasonal use, we recommend dry cleaning before storing in an airtight container for long term storage. A low temperature iron may be used to soften any wrinkles. For small linen items, such as ornaments, simply spot clean with cold water. If the stain persists, immerse in water with your favorite gentle soap, and allow to air dry. 



Our bamboo Stars and Hearts are handcrafted by a cooperative in northeastern India that specializes in working with this natural and sustainable wood. Bamboo items should be dusted regularly with a dust cloth, paying special attention to areas where any pieces meet. To clean, wash the bamboo with a soft cloth that has been soaked in warm water. You can add a gentle soap to the water, but be sure to test on a small area first, as it can bleach or discolor the wood if too harsh. 



Spot clean using a soft cloth, cold water, and gentle soap. After awhile the raffia may start to soften. To reactivate its natural resins you can use a bit of steam from an iron or clothes steamer. To do so, place flat onto an ironing board and add steam until the raffia is warm and slightly moist to the touch. Do not make direct contact between the raffia and the iron. Allow to dry in a well ventilated area out of direct sunlight. 



Brass is a strong and durable material that can easily be cleaned with a soft cloth and warm water. If there is excess dirt on the item, you can add a gentle soap to the water before cleaning. While brass is resistant to corrosion and will not rust, it can tarnish. To restore, we recommend taking one part white vinegar with two parts warm water, and let your brass item soak for at least four hours before cleaning with a dry soft cloth.