A More Connected World Is Made by Hand

From our studio in Brooklyn, we work with artisans in developing countries to preserve traditional crafts and support local communities. We are fair-trade certified and have partnered with most of our artisans for over a decade.

We work with amazing women artisans in Kyrgyzstan, and are expanding our collaborations to artisans in Palestine, Morocco, Afghanistan, Madagascar as well as communities of adults with disabilities in the United States.

We prioritize long-term relationships with our artisans, and because we understand what it takes to make something by hand, we pay our artisans in advance for their work. We also have year-long production schedules so that our partner groups have reliable and predictable work.


How It's Made

Discover the production journey of a felt ornament from Brooklyn to Kyrgyzstan.


We've partnered with our artisans for over a decade to make hand-felted decorations with 100% locally-sourced wool; empowering women artisans and their creative enterprises.


As business leaders, the health of our planet is crucial to us. We carefully source our materials, and mindfully make our products – we use clean renewable energy in our store and office, ship your gifts in recycled packaging, and offset our footprint with Carbon Credits, which directly supports forest health.


From our Brooklyn Studio, to our artisan-owned women-led workshops, Craftspring is proud to be a company powered by women.


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