We all know what the best part of the holidays are, the food of course! Partly because we finally get to sit down with our loved ones and enjoy each other's company, but it’s also just so delicious! A combination of flavors and recipes that have been passed down through generations culminating on one table. Here are some of the ways we have set our table for memorable holiday meals throughout the year.



Spring Florals

Beautiful fresh picked flowers like peonies are the easiest way to transform your tablescape into a lush garden paradise for the spring. A sweet touch of pineapple and lemon look beautiful on top of a soft linen napkin.



Fall Foraging 

Who doesn’t love hiking through the woods on a crisp fall day? Mushrooms galore on this easy table setting. A garland of silvered eucalyptus is layered on the table with a few of our spotted friends poking out to greet your guests. They also make great party favors!



Winter Feast

For winter holidays we tend to get a bit more into the celebratory mood. Candles, miniature rosemary wreaths, and bundles of eucalyptus berries, bring this lush holiday tablescape together.