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How to Wrap a Beautiful Gift

How to Wrap a Beautiful Gift

Juliette Donatelli |

Make Wrapping a Gift Even More Special With Handmade Ornaments and Gift Toppers and some DIY wrapping paper tips.

I don’t know about you, but every year I try to wrap the most beautiful gift under the tree! 

Wrapping with care can make someone feel delighted, and can elevate your gifting! It creates a real sense of anticipation…."what’s under the tree?!? What’s in this beautiful gift?!"

We promise it isn’t hard to make a beautifully wrapped gift. Here we share a couple of tips:


#1: Make it fun!

Don’t worry too much about the outcome. Any effort will be rewarded. 

One simple thing we like to do is add a little greenery. Adding a little touch of green or dried flowers adds just a lovely touch to your gift wrapping. It looks wonderful on craft paper wrapping or even more brightly colored gifts, such as below

Don’t want to go out into the can also add one of our hand felted Mistletoe, Acorn or Holly ornaments to your gift.



#2: Use colorful ribbon!

We love ribbons of all sorts. Satin, gold, gilded, eclectic yellow. It’s fun to add color and texture. We love the ribbons from Studio Carta they are from Italy, lush, voluptuous and you won’t regret the splurge. Most of the ribbon in our photoshoots are from Studio Carta (because we’re obsessed). We of course also love the basic velvet ribbons you can find at your local craft store.

I also love tinsel and glitter and bling. So I love adding those traditional tacky bows we used to find everywhere in the 90s. Like in the picture below. Here it’s paired with a hand-drawn wreath tag which we drew on a little wooden tag bought online, and of course our handmade felt mistletoe ornament (for kissing).


 shown above Mistletoe Ornament


#3: DIY wrapping paper is our favorite.

We love this fun tutorial from artbarblogIt’s a fun activity to do with the family!  Or these more intricate wraps from the artful parent.

We of course think that adding a handmade ornament to your wrapping is the most fun. We love the holiday cheer each hand made felt ornament brings. Simply use the string of any Craftspring Christmas ornament to tie around the bow of a gift, et voilà !

In the photo below we just used a white sharpie to draw some snow on a Kraft-paper wrapping, tied with brown twine. We think it’s a simple little touch. And it’s a great last-minute wrapping tip! 



#4: Make it a theme:

Match your ornament to your wrapping paper.

shown above White Santapus Ornament 


Match the Colors - use ribbon and wrapping paper that matches the color of your handmade ornament.


shown above Season's Blessing Angel Ornament


shown above Sun Blessing Ornament


Use fun bold colors in your wrapping to make your ornament pop.


shown above Heaven's Wings Ornament


Now you can show off your work, and ring in the season of joy! Put your wrapped ornaments under the tree, or in a gifting pile early. You’ve wrapped beautiful gifts, so now you get to make them shine!

We like using some of our small angels, such as our Starlight Angel pictured here. Our our Little Message Angels to bring on the Christmas feeling.




Hope you enjoy wrapping your gifts!! And that the gifting day is full of beauty.


shown above Chimney Santa Ornament


One last tip. Sending a small gift?

Our handmade felt Peace On Earth Dove Ornament fits perfectly in an envelope. It’s flat and light, and can be sent just in a simple A7 envelope (the kind of envelope you can find at CVS or Paper Source).  How fun to receive a holiday card with a little peace dove to adorn your tree.


shown above Peace on Earth Dove Ornament