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Fair Trade


Craftspring is proud to be a part of the Fair Trade Federation. We know all of our artisan partners and have been collaborating with each workshop for over a decade. We visit our partners yearly and ensure they provide a safe and healthy work environment and pay fair wages to all of their team members. All of our artisans earn wages significantly above the local living wages.

We work to preserve traditional crafts and to cultivate the skills once passed on from mother to daughter as a way to support local communities. We source local and sustainable materials, and all of our sheep’s wool comes directly from the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

Carbon Neutral
We are proud to be a Carbon Neutral company. We use clean renewable energy for our store and office. We also offset the carbon footprint of our manufacturing and shipping by purchasing carbon credits. This means that for every order placed with Craftspring, we purchase carbon offsets for the emissions created when making and shipping our products from Kyrgyzstan and then packing and shipping them to your door. We’ve partnered with EcoCart to measure our carbon footprint. And all of our carbon credits directly support our friends at Third Millennium Alliance and their work to protect the rainforest.

What is Carbon Offsetting?
Even though our products are made with natural and sustainable materials, in order to make and ship our magical products, excess carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere. From the water and electricity used to make them, and the car that brings them to the airport, the airplane that transports them to the USA, and the mix of transportation that brings them straight to your door….lots of carbon gets emitted. Harming the environment doesn’t set well with us. To neutralize the CO2 we’ve added to the air, we are planting trees in the Ecuadorian Rainforest to sequester that carbon back into the ecosystem. We are partnering with our friends at Third Millennium Alliance to make sure this happens in the most efficient and beautiful way.

Craftspring is also continually improving our shipping materials and process so that we can create as little harm to the environment as possible. We are in the process of transitioning all of our packaging to be made using either recyclable, compostable, biodegradable or zero waste materials

What is Third Millennium Alliance?
We’re so proud of our friends at Third Millennium Alliance and love supporting the powerful work that they do to product the world’s rainforests.

The Ecuadorian rainforest is home to many endangered species. Third Millennium Alliance protects more than 1,600 acres of this rich and dense forest from deforestation and development. They also empower local communities to restore land that has been destroyed and establish livelihoods through sustainable farming and carbon sequestration.

In 2007, Third Millennium Alliance (TMA) created the Jama-Coaque Reserve to protect one of the last surviving remnants of the Ecuadorian coastal rainforest ecosystems. It currently protects 1,475 acres of Chocó rainforest and cloud forest.

To expand their preservation work, TMA has recently started a Carbon Offset project.  This is the project that Craftspring carbon credits directly supports. The project employs small-scale landholders from surrounding communities to reforest their own land through regenerative agroforestry and planting heirloom cacao. The project combines carbon storage with biodiversity protection and local job creation. Altogether, TMA is creating a 15,000-acre conservation area the size of Manhattan. TMA is a nonprofit organization registered in both the US and Ecuador.

Location: Manabí, Ecuador


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