Materials Matter


As our craft comes from a heritage of nomadic culture and yurt living, so do our materials. We source all of our sheep’s wool directly from the mountains of Kyrgyzstan then use the generations-old technique of wet felting in the creation of every handmade piece.

Wet felting, which was once used by women to make their yurts, creates a textile that is strong and incredibly soft to the touch. We employ it, in part, because a resurgence of felting has made a path for women’s entrepreneurship and provided a source of economic and social empowerment, but also because it is an ancient and beautiful medium.


From the raw wool we source to the recycled packaging in which we ship our final products, we live by the principle that the materials we use and the products we make should contribute to the world, not drain it. We believe that business choices can be regenerative, and that we can positively impact the environment and global communities, not detract from them.