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Artisan-Made  •  Fair-Trade  •  100% Women-Led  •  Carbon Neutral


From our studio in Brooklyn, we work with women artisans in developing countries to preserve traditional crafts and to cultivate the skills once passed on from mother to daughter as a way to support local communities. Together, we design and hand-make decorations so rich in spirit they inspire joy and connection everywhere they land.

We work always to honor the beauty and magic of our artisans’ craft, to share it with the world, and to connect people and communities through meaningful giving. In doing so, we hope to contribute to a culture of thoughtfulness, to celebrate a sense of wonder and to advocate creativity and play.




We've partnered with our artisans for over a decade to make hand-felted decorations with 100% locally sourced merino wool; empowering women artisans and their creative enterprises.

Using time-honored wet-felting and embroidery techniques, they include traditional details and infuse a sense of playful imagination into every one of our designs. All of our artisans earn wages significantly above the local living wages. And, because our deepest wish is to offer heartfelt, relevant gifts that will help people celebrate the truly special moments, many of our collections are inspired by our customers’ own personalities and passions.



We source all of our sheep’s wool directly from the mountains of Kyrgyzstan then use the generations-old technique of wet-felting in the creation of every handmade piece.

Wet felting, which was once used by women to make their yurts, creates a textile that is strong and incredibly soft to the touch. We employ it, in part, because a resurgence of felting has made a path for women’s entrepreneurship and provided a source of economic and social empowerment, but also because it is an ancient and beautiful medium.






As business leaders, the health of our planet is crucial to us. We carefully source our materials and mindfully make our products – we use clean renewable energy in our store and office, ship your gifts in recycled packaging, and offset our footprint with Carbon Credits, which directly support forest health.


We’ve partnered with EcoCart to measure our carbon footprint. And all of our Carbon Credits directly support our friends at Third Millennium Alliance and their work to protect the rainforest.


We live by the principle that the materials we use and the products we make should contribute to the world, not drain it. We believe that business choices can be regenerative, and that we can positively impact the environment and global communities, not detract from them.