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Life Cycle of a Blue Morpho Butterfly Learning Kit

The fascinating transformation from caterpillar to butterfly - an enchanting process known as metamorphosis - is a captivating thing to learn about! From tiny egg, to growing and nibbling caterpillar, the magical process happens when this little insect forms a chrysalis around itself. What happens inside is part of the mystery of nature! When the time is right, a butterfly emerges!

Craftspring Learning Kits are designed to bring tactile and visual learning to your child. A wonderful addition to story time and perfect for making your own DIY diorama. These beautifully hand needle felted pieces bring the lifecycle to life!


This learning kit includes one of each of the following:

- Eggs on Leaf Ornament - H:0.2"/0.5cm W:2"/4.5cm L:2.5"/6.5cm

- Chrysalis Ornament - H:2.5"/6.5cm W:1.5"/3.5cm L:5"/13cm

- Caterpillar Ornament - H:1"/2.5cm W:0.6"/1.5cm L:3"/8cm

- Blue Morpho Butterfly Ornament - H: 3.75"/9.5cm W:0.25"/.5cm L:3.5"/8.5cm

- The Butterfly Life Cycle Booklet (7 pages) - L: 5.5"/ 14cm  H: 3.5"/ 9cm


  • All details and stitching are hand-embroidered.
  • Our ornaments come ready to hang with a string attached.
  • Made from sustainably harvested, locally-sourced merino-blended wool.
  • Fairly traded and made with love.



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