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Mushroom Magic Gift Box Set

In the heart of every magical forest there is a grove of red mushrooms! Little, big, lean or plump, these spotted beauties dazzle the forest with color. A perfect way to add some woodland accents to your home, these mushrooms can be hung around the house as well as on a tree!

Each set is carefully assembled with our handmade felt ornaments set atop crinkle paper and inside a sturdy, craft storage box. Sealed with a beautifully designed gold foil, wraparound label - the recipient of this gift will learn all about Craftspring and the products inside.

This set includes one of each of the following ornaments:

- Red Amanita Mushroom Ornament - H:3.5"/9cm W:1.75"/4.5cm L:1.75"/4.5cm

- Red Mushroom Pair with Skirt Ornament - H:3.25"/8.5cm W:2"/4.5cm        L:2.5"/6cm

- Little Beaded Coral Mushroom Ornament - H:2.25"/6cm W:2.25"/6cm L:2.25"/6cm

- Red Toadstool Ornament - H:3.5"/8.5cm W:3.25"/8cm L:3.5"/8.5cm

- Tall Mushroom Ornament - H:4"/10cm D:2.25"/6cm

- Small Mushroom Ornament - H:3"/7.5cm D:1.34"/4.5cm

  • All details and stitching are hand-embroidered.
  • Our ornaments come ready to hang with a string attached.
  • Made from sustainably harvested, locally-sourced merino-blended wool.
  • Fairly traded and made with love.

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