Making Of An Ornament from Craftspring on Vimeo.


 In its most literal sense handmade means that every single step and detail of the production of our products is made by hands belonging to an artisan. From the making of the wool felt to the final embroidered stitches, it is talent, patience and dedication that bring to life something truly magical.

But for us it is so much more! There is a beauty, a poetry in motion, that prevails in each and every step. Our handmade ornaments are about an ancient connection to a time of soul and magic, to the earth, and to the ancient techniques of felt-making. They embody respect and love and the exceptional talent of the women entrepreneurs we partner with.

It is the things that are handmade that allow us to dream about a balanced and beautiful world. Connecting us with histories of traditions passed down from one generation to another where makers are respected and ancient skills are renewed, reinvigorated and celebrated. It is here we see unity. Where we see the hands of women entrepreneurs creating strong businesses and strengthening their communities. It is here we see conscious actions that bring joy.