DIY: Road Board Playtime!

DIY: Road Board Playtime!

September 14, 2016

Beep beep! We love our new car, truck and train collection!! They fit perfectly in little hands for hours of make-believe playtime fun! So we decided to create a little road for them to drive on and share it with you! Easy to make and easier to store, this simple yet effective handmade playtime accessory will only add to your child's fun! 

Download a printable PDF version of the steps here

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1 piece of foam core board (we used an 18” x 24” board)

Acrylic paint

Yard stick

Paintbrushes, various sizes

Painter’s pallet


Step 1: Street grid

With your yardstick, draw two parallel lines, about 9.5” apart, from the left side of the board to the right. We drew ours so they went diagonally downward on the board forming the first road. 

Now repeat this step, drawing two parallel lines from the top to the bottom. This forms a second, intersecting road. 


Step 2: Paint roads + sidewalks!

Give the roads and sidewalks a base color. We mixed a dark grey for the streets and a lighter one for the sidewalks. Apply 1-2 even layers of paint to cover both sections.

Do make sure to let the paint dry completely before moving on to the next step.


Step 3: Crosswalks

When the base colors are dry, its time to paint in the lines that will make up the cross walk. We used a color similar to the sidewalk color.

See in the illustration above how we painted 8 small parallel lines across each street. You can lay your yardstick down on the inside of the street grid lines to give you a reference as you are painting. This will help keep all lines parallel. Paint crosswalks across all four streets.


Step 4: Lane dividers

Keep playtime traffic orderly by painting in the double line divider in the middle of each street. See the above illustration for reference.

We painted ours a few inches back from the cross walk, in the middle of each road.


Step 5: Stop lines

Stop lines, for added street cred, should be added perpendicular to the top of the lane dividers. We’ve added them on the right side of the street as we are based in the US! Feel free to change that for all our left-side driving friends :) 

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