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DIY: Magical Craftspring Baby's Mobile

DIY: Magical Craftspring Baby's Mobile

July 24, 2017

What better way to add to the joyful and nurturing atmosphere of a baby's nursery than a handmade mobile? We've always loved our ornaments for new mothers, baby's birthdays and first christmas, but by golly, we wanted a mobile! Et voila! With a little help from our friends at Sette Creative  we managed to figure out the perfect DIY method for swoon-worthy, perfect baby gift-giving love!

Stay tuned for more Craftspring mobiles. We love these so much that we are going to keep making them (for those of you who are not so DIY-inclined) !!!!

Materials :

  • String
  • Scissors
  • Round Metal Ring OR Rattan Hoop, approx 6" to 8" in diameter 
  • Small Ring, approx 1.5" (for hanging mobile from ceiling) 
  • 5 – 9 Craftspring Ornaments
  • Hot Glue (optional)

For this mobile we used:

2 Little Fluff Lambs

1 Bashful Donkey - grey

1 Heart Catcher Blue Cloud

1 Peace Dove

2 White Bird Flight


Step 1:

Cut four pieces of string about a foot long. *For string, we used an off-white Baker’s String for a natural and rustic look.

 Step 2:

Tie your four pieces of string onto your big ring, making sure your strings are spaced evenly apart.

Step 3:

Sit your small ring inside your big ring, and then gathering all four strings at the same time, tie them onto the small ring. This small ring will attach your mobile to the ceiling.

Step 4:

Find a steady place to hang your mobile to ensure it is balanced as you build it out. (OPTIONAL: At this stage we put a dab of hot glue on each of our tie marks to temporarily seal the knots on the mobile, and make sure the string wouldn’t slide as we were working). 


Step 5:

Next, using your heaviest Craftspring piece, loop it on to your mobile. 

Step 6:

Continue adding pieces one by one, ensuring you are staying in balance as you do. You can hang some pieces from one another to make them longer, or balance them asymmetrically. Have fun with it!


Step 7:

Once all your pieces are on and you are happy with the look of your mobile we will want to set everything in place by wrapping string around our mobile ring. Tie a temporary knot and tightly wrap the white string all the way around your ring. This step will take some time, but adds a lot to the final look!

Step 8:

Once you have wrapped your entire ring, close with either a knot or hot glue dab. Cut any excess string still hanging off et voila!




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