“Hark, who goes there!??”

“Tis I, Sir Nightingale of the Kingdom of Craftspring!! Returning home after a long mission to the enchanted Emerald Forest!”

“Welcome home, good Knight! You have been long missed!!”

And so goes the wonderful power of make-believe in our homemade Camelot castle! As our ornaments transcend the holiday season for year-round playtime, we wanted to share this DIY plan to make your own castle. We absolutely love this project because it’s fun, easy and collaborative in nature. Parents, cut those pieces to tip-top shape, help with the gluing and then let the creative painters take over! It’s sure to fill the days with gallantry, magic and adventure! 

Download a printable PDF version of the steps here

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  • Recycled cardboard boxes
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Ruler
  • Box cutter
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paint pallet 
  • Pencil and eraser

Step 1: Cut out all pieces that will make up the two bodies of the castle. Make sure to mark each piece ( bottom front, etc.) for construction ease.

Bottom Castle:                              Top Castle:

Front x1:   9” H  x  11” W              Front x1:  7.5" H  x  6.5" W

Side x2:    9” H  x  7” W                Side x2:   7.5" H  x  4.5" W 

Top x1:     11” L  x  7” W               Top x1:     6.5" L  x  4.5" W

Step 2: The Towers! The towers are formed by cutting out rectangles from the bottom castle's front and side pieces (the red areas in the pattern above). 

For example, in the bottom front piece, draw and cut out a rectangle 1.5" H x 3.5" L in the center, touching the top edge, as seen in the diagram above. 

For the bottom side pieces, draw the same size rectangle—1.5" H x 3.5" L—from the respective back corners of the castle (see above illustration for reference) and cut out. 

Step 3: It's time for the battlements! These are the iconic U-shaped castle wall and tower tops (as seen as the purple areas in the pattern above).

Draw a horizontal line 0.5" from the top of each piece (all front and side pieces) and below the rectangular area that has been cut away for the towers (bottom castle pieces only). Next, draw vertical lines every 0.75" or so from the horizontal line you have just drawn. This will form the sections of the battlements (see above illustration for reference).

Cut out and remove every other section you've just marked. This will create the iconic U-shape, but keep in mind that the corners of each section should not be cut away so they can align seamlessly. 

Step 4: Glue! Now that all the pieces are cut out, warm up the hot glue! It's best to lay the front pieces face-down on the table and glue the sides to them. Align one side piece at a time, adding the hot glue to its edge. Press the edges to form a right angle and wait until the glue holds. Repeat this for each side piece on both castle levels. When all three pieces are glued together they should be able to stand up on their own.

The last piece to glue is the top. This will allow for all your playtime characters to stand on the castle. The top piece should sit flat, as if a ceiling, but several inches below the top of the battlements (about 2"). Before adding the glue, slide the piece in and make sure it fits. Depending on how the other walls were glued, you may have to shorten the length of this piece to fit. After, add glue to sides of top and slide in to place. 

**We have not glued the top castle to the bottom castle. We left them separate for storage convenience and play flexibility. 

Step 5: Time to paint! We recommend giving both castle pieces a once-over in your choice of color (use grey for a stone wall effect). Want windows? We cut out a stencil with leftover cardboard and traced them on for continuity in size and shape. 

Now, go ahead...get your castle-painting on. The design is really up to you and the little ones in your life. No rules, just painting to your heart's content!! 

Happy make believe!